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Recap Of Studio 05 Career Day :

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Studio 05 Institute of Fashion will be hosting an open day on the 18th and 19th of October 2019. It is a tertiary institution owned by a black woman, Cecilia Mungofa. The vision for Studio 05 is to exploit the local market through empowering aspiring designers to be expressive with their concepts and incorporate African style.

The objective of career day is to promote open day by informing prospective students, particularly those who are interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Various schools from Braamfontein and surrounding areas will be targeted.

On the 13th September 2019, Studio 05 Institute of Fashion got the opportunity to promote open day. Two high school visits were made which include Barnato and Jules High. Brochures and lanyards were distributed, and posters were also put up. Videos and photos were also taken which can be used to show other schools what goes on during career day.

Open day will give prospective students an opportunity to access comprehensive information about the institution and interact with current staff, students and former students who are pursuing careers in the fashion industry. It will also provide them with the opportunity to obtain further information on courses and programs offered by the school. Influential guest speakers such as The Founder Of Henry George Gallery -Darryl Gray , Nompumelelo Maduna Miss South Africa top 5 finalist 2019 will be present. This will maximize student’s attendance.

Studio 05 Institute of Fashion is a fashion design institution which aims to provide the highest quality education in terms of theoretical grounding and practical experience in the clothing design and manufacturing industry. Our focus is on growing and developing local talent as well as providing students with a reputable qualification.

Studio 05 encourages and nurtures the development of emerging fashion designers, who are equipped with entrepreneurial skills, to grow and survive in this constantly evolving industry. Their courses include Fashion illustration, Pattern Construction, Fashion branding, Fashion styling and other related courses.

For more information:


Tel: 011 339 1560

Refilwe Phala

Studio05 Communications

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