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Studio 05 Orientation Week

Our new students had a fun packed orientation week which consisted of them being introduced to our new premises, our lecturers and our interns. Studio05 Institute of Fashion welcomes all our students from the learner-ship programme, skills programme and first year private students.

As part of our Orientation Week our students were given two creative projects in which they could showcase their talent. The first project was to create wearable garments, in pairs, made out of the November 2018 issue of Elle Magazine, which featured the gorgeous Sho Madjozi as the cover girl. The second project was to create a bow tie from fabric and trimmings provided by the Institute. These projects were also used as a platform to introduce the students to the competitive nature of the fashion industry by having a competition for each project. The pair with the best garment (which was both original, wearable and well executed) won a prize, and likewise, the individuals with the best bow ties, judged with the same criteria as the garments, were awarded prizes.

The results of both projects were astounding as students unleashed a force of creative genius in their execution. The garments were wearable, original and perfectly incorporated elements of fluidity, elaborate structure as well as origami principles. The bow ties were additionally unique and impressive as they showcased each student’s unique creative expression and ability to execute sewing/construction.

We at Studio 05 Institute of Fashion look forward to what the new academic year has in store for our students and are so excited to see the growth that each project/assignment will bring them.

We wish everyone a successful year - full of creativity, originality, continuous learning and personal growth.

Written by: Chifunilo Mulusa

Pictures by: Kulani Shibambu

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