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Studio 05 Institute of Fashion Celebrates Day of Reconciliation

On the 16th of December , we celebrated the Day of Reconciliation, one of South Africa’s most significant days in history. This day requires an extensive look at our history, our lives and the world we currently live in. We should take the time to educate ourselves, our friends and family on colonialism and apartheid and how they have affected people who lived under.

oppression and how oppression still impacts our lives today. Exploitation and racism aren’t far apart. Their consequences don’t end with people who actually experienced them first hand, but their impact and injustice pass down through generations. Societal issues don’t improve over night, so on this day of reconciliation spend time educating yourself about the origins of your community and country and how we as a nation and people can reconcile and move forward.

Fashion and the expression of freedom, individuality and self-expression can play a significant role in helping to shape and change prejudices, pre conceptions, judgments and stereotypes. Let us all in the fashion industry try and use our creative voice to build bridges and bring reconciliation where we see it is needed. Let’s be a courageous voice for change and a reminder to do fashion responsibly and with purpose!

Wishing everyone a peaceful, safe and prosperous New Year!!!

Written By: Nozibele Tyalani

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