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Studio 05 Institute of Fashion celebrated its 15th Annual Fashion Exhibition

Last Saturday, the 08th of December 2018, we held our Annual Year End Fashion Exhibition at our new premises in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. This fashion exhibition/show takes place every year to give our student designers a platform for all their hard work throughout the year to gain exposure, and for them to be acknowledged and recognized as upcoming designers.

The exhibition was an opportunity for each of our gifted student designers to tell people about who they are as designers, what inspires their creative process, and what motivates them to stretch their boundaries, design and create.

CEO and Founder of the Institution, Ms. Cecilia Mungofa, warmly welcomed the parents and potential students, and to make everyone feel at home at our new campus, we offered a personalized tour for all to familiarize themselves with our new location. Food and drinks were served and the exhibition ended with an energetic catwalk show that brought the exhibition to life.

Studio 05 Institute of Fashion would like to thank all our partners, parents, family and friends, who came out to support our students’ work. Your support and encouragement is invaluable!! A special thank-you goes out to Elle Magazine for their sponsorship, to all our students who participated and worked so hard to create beautiful stations and to the Studio 05 intern team that worked tirelessly to bring this exhibition to fruition! Thank you all and see you next year!

Written by: Nozibele Tyalana

Photographs by: Kulani Shibambu

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