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November was National Disability Rights Awareness Month (N.D.R.A.M), a nationwide campaign implemented to increase awareness about the people afflicted with disabilities. South Africa is championing for equality and empowerment for disabled people.

The month of November was dedicated to the eradication of barriers that hinder disabled people, from being contributing members of society. Disability Rights Awareness Month is commemorated from 3 November 2019 to 3 December 2019 annually, thus ensuring that each year the nation is made aware of the extensive work that is needed to be done. Not only using words but putting these into action and setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Every child needs education and Studio 05 is doing it's part in making this right a reality, by going and conducting presentations at schools such as St Vincent School for the Deaf. It is a nationally recognised school catering for hearing-impaired students, with a wide-ranging demographic of students currently enrolled in their excellent institution. In connection with the presentations, Studio 05 is providing career guidance for learners in the environment of Fashion Design.

Studio 05’s 16th Annual Fashion Show took place on Saturday 30 November 2019, from 15:00-18:00. This event culminated with National Disability Rights Awareness Month, as hearing-impaired students took part in this particular event. Garments that were showcased by students incorporated the Afrocentric theme. It highlighted the use of colours and textures in the creation of garments that projected an indigenous feel.

The Afrocentric theme seeks to celebrate design concepts inspired by African style and textures while allowing personal creativity to flourish. Hearing-impaired students were given the platform to demonstrate the strides they have taken in the creation of garments that not only inspire but empower disabled people in society.

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Tawanda Musakwa-Sambiri

Studio 05 Communications

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