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Its 4pm Saturday afternoon at 1 Eloff – Central Johannesburg, the weather is partly cloudy and we’re walking upstairs to the rooftop of the venue for the Loxion Kulca X Webbers photoshoot. There’s music in the near distance that lures you into this insane vibe of course, and the shoot for the final scene has just begun.


It was an experience that turned into a memory that will live for years to come with a stylish photo shoot for our designers.

Studio 05 takes part in Loxion Kulcas stills (photographs) campaign that took place at 1 Eloff Central Johannesburg on the 19th of March 2018, The Dorkay Roof Top. It was an amazing occasion at an amazing location. The campaign was generated by Loxion Kulca and Webbers in relation to the young urban African market to express their support for freedom of expression through the AFROPUNK movement. Loxion Kulca, a South African local streetwear brand founded in Soweto together with Webbers invited Studio 05 students and interns to take part in the African inspired shoot to learn more about professional photo shoots.

Our students and interns had the opportunity to meet and interact with urban respected creatives - the likes of Maitele Wawe and Thifhe Sliq - founders of the infamous Social Market in Pretoria, together with Nikiwe Dlova- a hair and street culture enthusiast, Innocent_Moreku- the founder of chilling with the creatives and Mbizo Nombida a creative and influencer. Chris Saunders, famous photographer that co-ordinated the shoot surrounded by a group of creative support.

The vibe, the energy. It was alive. It was lit!

To find out more, follow the Instagram accounts below:


@Webbersfashion, @LoxionKulca

@Nix_indamix, @Maitele­_Wawe, @Thifhe­_sliq, @Innocent_moreku, @Mbizo_Nombida and @chrissaundersphoto.

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