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5 Misconceptions about the fashion industry.

You'll never spot a fashion person in flats.

Normally people tend to reserve statement heels for after-work events. During the working day, comfort is “KING” sneakers, pumps any flat shoe is the order of the day. In fashion you tend to run around quite a bit, from locking down deadlines and looking for specific fabrics.

We spend most of our time at parties, dinners and events

With events running throughout, the movers and shakers of the Fashion landscape work throughout the clock. The social media posts are just a minute detail of the jobs they are responsible for. As much as these events are vital, they must be always aware of all the moving pieces in their orbit of influence and control

We want to give everyone a "fashion makeover."

Fashion has become so stereotyped that being involved in the industry will have you dealing with the “Let’s give someone a makeover” moment. Today’s environment is more accepting of the notion that all people have their own definition of style and Fashion.

Plus working in Fashion doesn’t automatically make someone a stylist or personal shopper. The trick to this is finding a style you like in terms of dressing and not compromising it.

Sustainability is a Passing Trend

The notion of sustainability allows all people to be responsible for both the present and the future.

Fashion can be used as a platform to educate and inspire new and innovative ways of progressing society.

Pink is for kids

Fashion is about understanding the value of a color. By adapting your outfit with lighter shades of pink you can match your accessories or skin tone. So, saying pink is only for kids is not something said in the Fashion industry, it's embraced and cultured thereafter by stylists who know how to dress.

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