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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

On December 2nd ,2018, Global Citizen Mandela 100 took place at FNB stadium, Johannesburg South Africa. This is an annual movement of global citizens, using their common voice to strive to end poverty by 2030. And this year, it was iconic! The FNB stadium broke its’ record by hosting more than 100 000 global citizens and by exceeding their target, by raising a staggering amount of 99 billion, 503 million, 546 thousand and 297 Rands! Donors included governments from Madagascar, Germany, Canada, our very own President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the Motsepe Foundation all committing billions of Rands to end poverty and promote education.

While it is a significant foundation for fundraising, people from across the Globe came out to watch a medley of A list musicians with the headline performance being by The Carters, or who are more commonly known as, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z! Beyoncé was dressed by one of our best local designers and we are proud to say an alumni of Studio 05 Institute of Fashion. George Malelu, from the high fashion couture duo, Quiteria and George, approached the CEO and the Founder of the school, Ms Cecilia Mungofa to help him with the production of the outfits.

Sketch of Beyonce's fabulous garment

George and the team

Studio 05 Institute of Fashion CEO Cecilia Mungofa Featured On Beyonce's website

“When George came to ask for help with engineering patterns for their designs, it was an exciting moment to have one of our alumni taking part in such a huge significant project. It took us long sleepless nights and days for the whole production to be completed, which consisted of 3 collections for Beyoncé, along with 13 dancers, each with 3 different outfits. I helped Quiteria and George with Pattern-making, and we at Studio 05 Institute of Fashion believe that Pattern-making is a fundamental core subject for any fashion designer, “said Ms Cecilia Mungofa.

The "Iron Lady" at work

It is stories like these that keep us all inspired and gives courage to all our students and all those seeking to pursue a career in fashion. If we work hard, stay focused and continue to pursue our dreams, fashion-as with all other creative industries, can open amazing doors and unexpected opportunities. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

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Written by: Nozibele Tyalana

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